Elections in the Lens of Statistics

The mission of this site is to give everyone an opportunity to see the elections through the magic lens of statisticians. Of course, you have heard that mathematicians have found the way to discover fraud in elections as they have previously discovered distant planets: making calculations without leaving their desk. But it is better to see how they do it firsthand than to hear a hundred times. This is the site for this purpose. Not all of us have the time, technical capabilities and theoretical knowledge to independently explore the election results. But, unlike the distant planets, the elections and their fairness concern each of us.

Laws of Nature (En)

The laws of nature are uniform. They are present in the distribution of falling apples, in the distribution of arrows that hit the target, in the distribution of ballots at the bottom of the ballot box, and in the distribution of data from polling stations on diagrams. One of the fundamental Laws of Nature, the Gaussian distribution, turned out to be so important that it was pictured on the German mark banknote.

Protests (En)

In 2011, Russian citizens protested against the fraud committed at the Parliamentary Elections held that year. For the first time, very unusual posters appeared on the streets of Moscow: “We do not believe Churov”! We believe Gauss!” The message was “We don’t believe the head of the Central Election Commission! We believe in the laws of nature described by mathematical laws”. Indeed, the protesters’ indignation had purely mathematical justification that you can see with your own eyes. With the help of our tools for visualization, you can rediscover such phenomena as "the Saw of Churov", "the Volodin's* Peak", "Two-humped Russia" and "Divided Vladikavkaz", which electoral experts and observers spoke of a lot.

* Mr. Volodin –the MP elected in 2011 among accusation of fraud, later - the speaker of the Russian Parliament.

Auditorium (En)

Do you still doubt Dr. Gauss, we recommend visiting our Auditorium. We are collecting lectures and presentations in that section. Among other things, the presentation "Probability rules the World" might be of some use in this regard.

Photo (En)

Data section description (En)

In the Data section we collect for you both old data to confirm discoveries, and new ones that are still waiting for their researcher.

Discovery Section Descr (En)

Section "Discoveries" contains the most famous, large-scale and irrefutable electoral fraud disclosures made with mathematical methods.

Laboratory Section Descr (En)

In the Laboratory you can independently repeat the famous discoveries, confirm the findings of electoral investigators or make new ones.

Wishes (En)

We wish you successful research, discoveries and normal fair elections!