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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


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DIY Kiesling-Shpilkin diagram

The presentation of a new interactive tool

EG 0 9803

Good news for electoral observers, journalists and election investigators. You have a new and long-awaited tool - the interactive Kiesling-Shpilkin diagram. This detailed video lesson will help you understand how to work with this kit, what the advantages of an integrated approach are, how the tools help each other to detect an anomaly, or how the findings of one tool confirm the findings of another. In the lecture, we detected falsifications in the Moscow region.

Magnitogorsk City Council - unconventional analysis and an amazing flag

EG 0 12570

At the request of one of the losing candidates, we uploaded a multi-mandate election. For this purpose we had to conditionally bring 32 districts to one "single district": candidates were grouped by the political party that nominated them. Self-nominated candidates fell into one conditional "party". Only in one district there were two self-nominees. 
You can already see the resulting picture at Laboratory

The Election Dossier is in the Navigator

From the most amazing: the flag of Magnitogorsk. 



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