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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Elections and Datasets

Datasets and dataset sources

Elections and Data

The reproducibility of experimental results – one of the foundations of the scientific approach. That's why we endeavour to provide you with the means to reproduce for yourself™ the discoveries and the revelations of election researchers.

We hope to excite your interest in statistical analyses of elections, want you to see its applicability for yourself™ and involve you in a fascinating search for statistical anomalies and your own independent unmasking of fraud. 

Elections and Data Navigator

The section will help you navigate the modest array of elections mentioned in our site's content. Here you can move from elections to articles about them, see the findings of different experts and the application of different methods of analysis to the same data set, and even reproduce the simplest experiments yourself in our Lab. This is just a limited set of training samples prepared for the novice amateur.

Machine-readable libraries of electoral data

The section will help those who want to get serious about research and move on to independent and creative study of phenomena and the search for patterns in electoral statistics. Data prepared by other researchers will help you at this stage. This is the next step from the limited set of Samples and Tools in the Electoral.Graphics Lab. You will be able to try out your own approaches and test your theories.

Official Sources

The section is essential to ensure that you are confident in the reliability of the evidence base and source data for your research. Obtaining working structured datasets from raw election commission data is special, interesting and necessary work. And most importantly, you will no longer be constrained by training Tools and Samples, nor by other people's methods and secondary datasets. And most importantly, you will no longer be constrained by the Learning Lab nor by other people's methods and their datasets. This is no longer a laboratory for study but a real, complex, and interesting world.


Catalogue of Elections Catalogue of Elections
Catalogue of Elections
Machine-readable libraries Machine-readable libraries
Machine-readable libraries
Official sources Official sources
Official sources
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