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Monday, July 22, 2024


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World debut of Electoral.Graphics tools

World debut of Electoral.Graphics tools

World debut of Electoral.Graphics tools

Episode of the broadcast of the press conference of the Golos Movement

At the Golos Movement press conference, a Gabdulvaleev Diagram was constructed directly from this site and anomalies in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic data were demonstrated. 

You can replicate this investigation yourself™ right now. 


For you, researchers:

The electoral data of all the elections from this article has been uploaded into the Lab . Now, you can see the elections with your own eyes™.
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Elections in the article

Russia, President 2018

Official name:

Election of the President of the Russian Federation


Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich

Wikipedia entry:

Presidential elections in Russia (2018)

For you, researchers:

The data has been uploaded into the Lab .
You can see the elections with your own eyes™.

Data report

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DIY Kiesling-Shpilkin diagram

Good news for electoral observers, journalists and election investigators. You have a new and long-awaited tool - the interactive Kiesling-Shpilkin diagram. This detailed video lesson will help you understand how to work with this kit, what the advantages of an integrated approach are, how the tools help each other to detect an anomaly, or how the findings of one tool confirm the findings of...

New parameters to explore

But new, non-transparent types of voting in Russia we introduce new parameters for studying elections in the Lab. The "ntransparent vote opens new horizons for your research.

A bell, a saw, an axe

Journalists "Важных историй" Alesya Marokhovskaya and Alexei Smagin made a curious "explainer" in their article. Recommended."Analysts believe that the last vote on amendments to the Constitution was a record-breaking vote on the scale of falsifications. They cite many complex graphs to prove it. «Important Stories» made a simple visual...
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