Elections in the Lens of Statistics

The mission of this site is to give everyone an opportunity to see the elections through the magic lens of statisticians. Of course, you have heard that mathematicians have found the way to discover fraud in elections as they have previously discovered distant planets: making calculations without leaving their desk. But it is better to see how they do it firsthand than to hear a hundred times. This is the site for this purpose. Not all of us have the time, technical capabilities and theoretical knowledge to independently explore the election results. But, unlike the distant planets, the elections and their fairness concern each of us.

Magnitogorsk City Council - unconventional analysis and an amazing flag

EG 0 11313

At the request of one of the losing candidates, we uploaded a multi-mandate election. For this purpose we had to conditionally bring 32 districts to one "single district": candidates were grouped by the political party that nominated them. Self-nominated candidates fell into one conditional "party". Only in one district there were two self-nominees. 
You can already see the resulting picture at Laboratory

The Election Dossier is in the Navigator

From the most amazing: the flag of Magnitogorsk.