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Monday, July 22, 2024


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Russia, the President 2024

Russia, the President 2024

Election card

Official name:

Election of the President of the Russian Federation, 2024


Vladimir Putin

Wikipedia entry:

2024 Russian presidential election

Wikipedia entry (Rus.):

Президентские выборы в России (2024)

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Magnitogorsk City Council - unconventional analysis and an amazing flag

At the request of one of the losing candidates, we uploaded a multi-mandate election. For this purpose we had to conditionally bring 32 districts to one "single district": candidates were grouped by the political party that nominated them. Self-nominated candidates fell into one conditional "party". Only in one district there were two self-nominees.  You can already...

Russia, Kamchatka Territory, Governor 2020

Official title: Early elections for Governor of Kamchatka Krai Winner/leader: Vladimir Solodov Wikipedia article: Выборы губернатора Камчатского края (2020)

Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Magnitogorsk, City Council 2020

Briefly about the elections to the City Council  of Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region, Russia) on 13.09.2020

Official title: Elections of deputies of the Magnitogorsk City Council of Deputies of the sixth convocation

Russia, Unified Voting Day 2020

Official name: Unified Voting Day 13 September 2020 Wikipedia article: 2020 Russian regional elections Dataset Composition The dataset contains complete election data for more than 1,000 districts.The archive is divided into the following parts: Data for the gubernatorial elections, for 21 September (file "Governors_results_21_Sep_2020_18_40.zip") Data of byelections to the State...

Russia, Tambov region, Governor 2020

Official title: Election of the head of administration of the Tambov region Winner/leader: Alexander Nikitin Wikipedia article: Выборы главы администрации Тамбовской области (2020)

Russia, Krasnodar Region, Governor 2020

Official title: Election of the head of administration (governor) of Krasnodar Krai Winner/leader: Veniamin Kondratiev Wikipedia article: Выборы губернатора Краснодарского края (2020)

Russia, Irkutsk Region, Governor 2020

Official title:Early elections of the Governor of the Irkutsk OblastWinner/leader:Igor KobzevWikipedia article:Выборы губернатора Иркутской области (2020)
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