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Monday, July 22, 2024

Elections and Datasets

Datasets and dataset sources

RUElectionData Telegram channel
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RUElectionData Telegram channel

Open Data on Russian Elections

The RUElectionData telegram channel began functioning on 1 March 2018. 

Unique data quality: the regularity of the CEC website parsing. One of the most striking achievements of the telegram channel: revealing the rewriting of the results of the 2018 gubernatorial election in Primorsky Krai in the second round. 

Source of data:

CEC of the Russian Federation

Parsing time:

Regular parsing during the election and a few days after.

Regular parsing during the election and a few days after.


Data format:

Delivered in zip archives. Json, csv, tsv data format

Data completeness:

Data may include supporting information on turnout during voting, PEC information, voter movement and others. Data does not include numerical precincts and complex cases of commission hierarchy. 

Remarked shortcomings:

PECs for Distant Electronic Voting are absent (as of 13.09.2020). Rare and complex cases of the hierarchy of election commissions are not reflected. For example, the inclusion of the Nenets Autonomous District in the data of the Arkhangelsk region for the 13.09.2020 gubernatorial election. Verification by total values is recommended.



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