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Monday, July 22, 2024

Elections and Datasets

Datasets and dataset sources

Database of NGO Golos Movement
External Sources Manager

Database of NGO Golos Movement

Machine-readable data library

The Golos Movement collects and processes data from the Central Election Commission of Russia for easy analysis. The Movement's database contains data on more than one hundred thousand elections at various levels in the Russian Federation.

Data format:

*.csv in *.zip archives.

Parsing time:

As a rule, automatically three-four days after publication or upon request. 

Disadvantages noted:

Superfluous lines when commissions change the structure of PECs before and after the election. Digital PECs are not parsed (as of summer 2020).

Digital PECs are not parsed (as of summer 2020).

Go to «Election Calendar», find the elections you need


and on the page that opens, follow the link to download the zip archive with the results.




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